I tried experimenting with water drops the other day. Before I decide to try and do the cool shots with the bowl and the whole bit, I thought I'd see what I could do with a dripping tap. This was my very first shot, and I have to say I am quite proud. The second shot is just of an aluminum crane in my front garden - my entry for the contest.


"Artists Welcome"

We went downtown Toronto today to see what we could shoot. At first I wanted to go just to get some shots of the Lakeshore, but we ended up (by mistake) on Queen street. As we were driving I spotted an alley with some serious graffiti on it. And boy am I glad I did! This is a true artform. I don't know what half of it means, but its just so pretty to look at. I really liked the fact that the wall had a sign saying "artists welcome" on it. It just made it that much better. Out of 313 pictures, here are my fave 5. Enjoy!


Happy Easter!

I didn't take any cool pictures this weekend, just some of my little girl. She looked so sweet in her Easter dress, and of course her doll "Bambola" had to match. She went on a little Easter candy hunt (we forgot to do eggs!) and then got some prizes at the end.

I hope you all had a great weekend, Happy Easter everyone!!!



How's that for creativity? lol

Sorry ladies... I don't feel very well, so this is as good as its gonna get for now.



Into the Blue

...or should I say UP to the blue? hmmm...
I conned Marco into taking me up north today. I have wanted to go up there for weeks now, but we've been so busy. It was a great day. We sang to oldies the whole 1.5 hr drive up there, and I swear I fell in love with him all over again. We haven't gone on a mini road trip in sooooo long.

Now I have always been tres jealous of all of you Westerners - you have some serious mountains practically in your backyard. We don't have that in Ontario, unfortunately. But what we do have is a place called Blue Mountain. Its a big ski town in the winter, and a nice cottage town in the summer. I have only ever been there in the summer, until today.... and really, what a shame. This place is absolutely GORGEOUS in the winter! WOW!

It was pure sunshine all the way up there, but when we arrived, the clouds rolled in. I was quite disappointed, because the sky was such a vibrant blue just minutes before we arrived and then it disappeared. I took a couple of pictures of the slopes and some skiiers. I couldn't get close enough (due to high snow banks) to take any decent pics though and my lens isn't that great for zoom. Note the grey sky.

Disappointed with the greyness, we were just gonna go for coffee and then head back home, but FH wanted to see the lake all frozen over, so we went down there. It was lovely, really. This place is truely an Ontario Gem. Once at the lake, the clouds started to part to reveal the blue sky. I was thrilled, and grabbed the camera again. It was just so amazing. Standing there, you couldn't really tell where the lake ended and the sky began.... here are some shots.

Since the sky was starting to clear, we decided to head back up the mountain to see if we could get any nice pics. We went all the way up - a good 15 minute drive up the mountain. I took it upon myself to walk onto the trails where all the snowboarders and skiiers were. Yeah, I got some funny looks, but who cares? I am so glad I went up there. You can't really tell from the pics, but we were really high up. I could see almost all of the town of Collingwood from where I was standing, and the lake was just amazingly beautiful. Here is my favourite shot....

I am not sure why they named this town "Blue Mountain" but I can say that today, while up there, I saw the most beautiful shade of blue there ever was. And thats reason enough for me.


Doggy Style

Ladies, meet Gucci.


So I've been slacking A LOT lately. The holidays really bring out the lazy in me. With all the cooking and cleaning and organizing -ugh. I didn't have much time to come on here and post. Well FH and I bought a DSLR with our Xmas money and GC's. Its a Nikon D40X - amazing peice of equipment, btw! I still don't know how to use it properly, so my shots aren't that great yet. If you have one of these and would like to lend me a hand, please do so - I need all the help I can get! I am having problems taking close-ups. I can't get too close with my camera on the macro setting otherwise it won't take the picture. I don't know why, but... whatever. So here is a couple of pictures I took. No real theme, just me fooling around.